Władze rektorskie Politechniki Krakowskiej zdecydowały o przedłużeniu zawieszenia wszystkich zajęć dydaktycznych  na stacjonarnych i niestacjonarnych studiach I, II i III stopnia, w Szkole Doktorskiej PK, na studiach podyplomowych, kursach, szkoleniach, w Uniwersytecie Trzeciego Wieku prowadzonych przez  PK  do dnia  16.06.2020r. czyli do ostatniego dnia zajęć dydaktycznych.

Szczegółowe informacje znajdują się w Zarządzeniu nr 40 Rektora PK dostępnym na stronie: https://www.pk.edu.pl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3408:zarzadzenie-rektora-dotyczace-m-in-zawieszenia-zajec-do-dnia-16-czerwca-2020-r&catid=49&lang=pl&Itemid=1256

Decyzja władz rektorskich PK wydana została w związku z zaleceniami dotyczącymi przeciwdziałania rozprzestrzenianiu się wirusa SARS-CoV-2 w trosce o zdrowie i bezpieczeństwo członków społeczności PK oraz w poczuciu odpowiedzialności za bezpieczeństwo publiczne.

W razie pilnych spraw, studenci międzynarodowi proszeni są o kontakt mailowy z odpowiednim departamentem:

Studenci Erasmus: erasmus@pk.edu.pl

Pozostali studenci międzynarodowi: dwm@pk.edu.pl

Rector of Cracow University of Technology professor Jan Kazior issued a resolution on COVID-19 emergency. Below please find more information on it.

1) All activities (lectures, labs, etc.) at Cracow University of Technology are suspended from 11 March 2020 till 16 June 2020 which is the last day of the didactic classes. E-learning is offered by the faculties. The rules of passing didactic classes, conducting exams and diploma exams will be specified in a separate resolution of the Rector.

Open events such as: conferences, symposia, cultural, artistic and sport events organized by Cracow University of Technology and by external entities at Cracow University of Technology, which were planned to be held until 31 August 2020 are cancelled.

2) You are encouraged to stay in Poland during the above mentioned time. Travelling is NOT RECOMMENDED due to the COVID-19 threat.

3) If you decide to leave Krakow, you must fill in tho Krakow.

4) If you have noticed symptoms such as fever, cough, dyspnoea and breathing problems, you should immediately seek medical help at an infection or observation ward, where the personnel will decide on a medical procedure to follow

• Samodzielny Publiczny Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej Szpital Uniwersytecki w Krakowie, Oddział Kliniczny Chorób Zakaźnych (University Hospital, ClLocation card and send a scan of it to iro@pk.edu.pl. If you stay at one of our dormitories, before leaving you must additionally give the hard copy of the card to a respective manager of the dormitory or leave it at the reception. Please note that if you leave Poland, you will need to quarantine for 14 days upon your return tinical Department of Infectious Diseases), 2, Macieja Jakubowskiego Street, Krakow; or
• Szpital Specjalistyczny Im. Stefana Żeromskiego Samodzielny Publiczny Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej w Krakowie, Oddział Chorób Infekcyjnych i Pediatrii, I Oddział Obserwacyjno-Zakaźny (Stefan Żeromski Specialist Hospital, Ward of Infectious Diseases and Paediatrics, Observation and Infectious Ward), Os. Na Skarpie 66, Krakow.

From today (25 March) until 11 April 2020 inclusive, you will not be
able to move freely outside your living, health and professional goals.
*It will be possible to move around to do the necessary shopping, buy
medicines, see a doctor*, look after relatives and walk a dog.
Important!*You can only move in a group of up to two people. *This
restriction does not apply to families.

Public transport continues to operate. However, *only half of the seats
can be occupied on a bus or tram*. If there are 70 seats in the vehicle,
a maximum of 35 people can be on board.

*The new regulations also prohibit any gatherings, meetings, events or
parties*. However, you will be able to meet your dear ones.

More than 5 people will not be able to participate in the mass or other
religious rite at the same time - excluding those who exercise the
ministry. However, we encourage you to participate in religious events
via television, radio or the Internet.

All previous bans remain in force, i.e. restrictions on the operation of
shopping malls, catering and entertainment activities.
*A mandatory 14-day quarantine for those returning from abroad is also
still in operation*.

From 31.03.2020 until 11.04.2020 the following restrictions have been introduced by the Polish government:

-  keep at least 2 meters apart, even when walking (and at most 2 people  can go out together. This also applies to families, only minors (under  13 years of age), disabled persons requiring care and the elderly are  excluded from the order
-   no access to parks, boulevards and squares, as well as other recreational places
-  no one under the age of 18 may leave the home without adult supervision (LUCKILY YOU ARE ALL OVER 18!:):)
-  ban on renting city bikes
-  all cosmetic saloons, hairdressers and tattoo parlors will be closed
-  there can be a maximum of three people in stores per one cash  register. So if there are 10 cash registers in the store, 30 people will be able to shop at the same time
-  in post offices this limit is down to two people per one window
-  in bazaars and marketplaces there is a limit to three people per one stand
-  you will have to wear gloves before entering the store
-  all stores where you can buy construction things will be closed at weekends
-  pharmacies, grocery stores and drugstores will remain open, except that between 10am and 12pm they will be open only to people over 65 years of age
-  hotels and accommodation places will be closed, with the exception  of buildings intended for quarantine. This ban will enter into force  from April 2, by which time everyone must check out
-   hairdressing, cosmetic and tattoo studios are closed. Home visits  related to the performance of these services are not possible
- at the workplace there should be a distance of at least 1.5 meters between work places.
-  the quarantine formula will be extended. Those who will be subjected to it from today will be completely isolated, also from their family.  If the quarantine is at home, all household members will be subjected to it.
-  private carriers, e.g. buses, will follow the same rules as public transport - as many people as half of the number of seats will  be allowed in the vehicle
-  at service outlets and gas stations  employees will be required to disinfect the counter and e.g. the  terminal after each client
-  rehabilitation treatments are canceled
-  moving by private cars is possible, but it is to take place for a specific purpose
-  leaving the house alone is possible for a short walk, to ventilate or to go out with the dog. You shouldn't do sport.

We need to remember that already from 24 March people also are not allowed to organize gatherings, penalty for unjustified gathering may result in a fine of up to 5,000. PLN, and the army will help  police in  verification activities.

Our University  is making all efforts to be able to provide distance-learning for all  students, both coming from Poland as well as coming from abroad.

International students are treated in the same way as Polish students in all matters.

If students want to go home they can do so with the help of their  respective Embassies, provided that the transport is organized for them.

If needed, Erasmus students should contact Erasmus Office only via e-mail:

ERASMUS students: erasmus@pk.edu.pl

Other International students: iro@pk.edu.pl